Council of Renduuys

Also called the Vanir’ai, Magi, or 7 First, the Council of Renduuys are the seven heads of the seven houses of the Ohlren, representing Faith, Love, Honor, Sorrow, Grace, Bravery and Vision. They are responsible for the creation of Ehlynder and the Dawnspell. They are:

Ralom: The High Maker of House Elran. He presided over the Council of Renduuys during the Age of Endings and Beginnings as Kaeo, who originally proposed the creation of magic through mankind’s essence and the creation of a new world. He is considered widely to be the most intelligent of the Vanir’ai, and is described as being introverted and prone to sporadic change. He also left the least of his House and teachings behind, preferring to let his reality unfold for itself.

Ahrel: The High Prince of House Azreal. In the Old Spell, Ahrel ruled as Daehn, brother to Kaeo and husband to the Old Spell’s Nelorin Vessel, whose name remains unknown. Although Kaeo ruled in the Age of Endings and Beginnings, Daehn was the most beloved behind his wife in the eyes of the Ohlren. During the Ancient Wrathwar, he created the Ahrelin Choir of Aelves to combat the Sahn Sara, and ascended to become Azreal.

Nelor: The High Lady of House Nuin. In the Old Spell, she and her husband Daehn, who was the current Vessel of Ahrel, were the public face of the Council of Renduuys. She was beloved by all for her matchless beauty and intelligence. During the Ancient Wrathwar, she created the Nelorin Choir of Aelves and authored the first Koans, without which the Ehpemeral Races would be powerless to wield magic.

Delar: The High Count of House Sahra. In the Old Spell, he was the least known and most reclusive of the Vanir’ai, and was widely considered to be death himself to the Ohlren. He served as gravekeeper and coroner in the Old Spell, and reveled in the finality of death. When magic was created and Ehlynder began, Delar betrayed the Vanir’ai and altered the Fatecore’s prophecy to create the Sahn Sahra. When the Ancient Wrathwar was won, he was chained within the Ebonoch along with most of the Sahn Sahra and held there by the Aelves using the Arcane Catalysts.




Council of Renduuys

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